11 June 2009

get ready babies, you have a sa-weet party coming up on saturday! (although i have to say, jack and emmeline are probably not reading yet*, so they will likely not see this post.)
i have no words (i write this late on wednesday night), but this is one of the many things i did tonight. see those curtains in the background? the chrysanthemums? they will likely become a skirt as soon as i have the white curtains up (i do like them as curtains, but crafty planet is done carrying that particular fabric and, to be honest, i don't have time to scour the internet for more). just call me sister maria.
i really did almost post pictures of the house, but looking at them was really depressing since there is no art on the walls. this weekend, i promise, the art will go up, the photos will be taken and posted! you will likely also see my new hairdo, as requested by my mother.
i guess when i say, "i have no words", i really mean, i have plenty to say, but it might all come out as stream-of-consciousness because i just don't know how to organize the words.
*they are two months old!


  1. The party will be great. Can we see pictures of that, too?! Is the chrysanthemum skirt going on the June list? Man, you ARE ambitious!

  2. haha! the list is mostly "business-related tasks", but maybe i should start putting personal stuff on there, too! i don't know how i will get all of that done--it's almost the middle of june!