12 June 2009


what are you up to this weekend? i have the meet the babies party, and i am excited to bake a cake! it will be wonderful to see old friends and have an excuse to get the final boxes out of the house and the art on the walls--and then take some real pictures to share with you next week (i think next will be picture week). i am also hoping, as always, to get some art made.
i hope your weekend is sunny and wonderful, summer really is here and i want to soak up every second! have a wonderful weekend!


  1. i'm putting breakfast casseroles in the oven to take to the "final celebration" for my class--finally finished! i'm going to share my "connections project" which relates walking a labyrinth to the process of writing and teaching writing. the best part? there's gonna be mimosas. i cannot wait to sleep in.

  2. I'm going to try REALLY HARD to relax. ;)

  3. I will be sad to miss tomorrow's party. Kiss les petits pour moi. Yes, please do post lots of pics! Love to you and all the other lovelies.