22 June 2009

happy effing monday!

hi friends! today i really AM happy, because i am waking up at my parents' house in the woods, next to my sister. and i don't have to go to work! last friday, mrs. french posted about these amazing illustrations and i knew immediately that they would make perfect monday morning eye candy (and really, i just wanted an excuse to look at them some more)! so enjoy these lovely illustrations by japanese artist naomi kobayashi. i really had a hard time choosing just a few to show you! i mean, aren't they all so wonderful?!
there is also a really nice little interview with one of my favorite blogger/creative ladies, chelsea of {frolic}, over at auburn and ivory. she has nice, real, encouraging things to say.



  1. Really different. Such talented people out there!!!!

  2. Oh, you chose some beautiful ones. I hope your family day was perfect!

  3. Uch--these are painfully wonderful! The one with her skirt as rolling grass with cows...ouch, the awesomeness!