19 June 2009

wish i was here.

and by here, i mean this amazing room! i can't get it out of my mind this week. one of my work survival tactics is to put something amazing and beautiful on my computer's desktop as a reminder that i am working on the life i want. which, really, involves working for myself from home/my studio. more on that later.
i'm escaping to wisconsin this weekend (my sister is there!) and it will feel so great to have a couple of days off, too.
i do want to share a couple of new blog friends i made this week (and by made, i mean found them and said "hi!" because hey, every friendship starts somewhere):
geraniums and potatoes: posts about LOVELY things (and lives in minneapolis!)
the design alphabet: this is a great concept! she posts beautiful art and design things based on letters of the alphabet, one for every day.
and that's me, signing off for the week. i hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. Yes, that's a pretty great room! I've heard Wisconsin weekends are beautiful. Share pictures if you can and have a perfect time!

  2. WI weekends ARE beautiful, particularly when children come to see parents. This was the best one yet this year. Thank you for coming.

  3. I love the idea of your computer desktop being a reminder of where you want to be going. Mine is a jumbled mess of files (that should be dragged into a folder — hello laziness.) I want to follow your lead, Laura!