29 June 2009

happy effing monday!

oh, wow. a couple of things: it really is a monday (maybe because i had a really great, fully weekend)! we managed to get some very final touches done at our house this weekend (shelves and curtains hung, etc.), i made a crazy-good haul at savers on saturday, i prided it up with my dear friend jack on sunday morning, amy and i threw a really fun housewarming shindig. . . and i will say that all that activity, on top of my efforts to get things together for the shop, i am really tired this morning. oh, and! i can't believe how excited i am about this, but: i have an interview at a temp agency today! the shop opens TOMORROW, which will likely be a more modest opening than i had anticipated, but i think july will be a month full of updates and specials. i have a lot of ideas and projects i want to share, so figuring out how to get all those out there is what i am working on. so, i feel a little bit like i am going absolutely nuts, but in a good way (oh yeah, that makes so much sense). anywayyyyyyy. . . . for your viewing pleasure this morning:
a few weeks ago, erin posted about luke irwin, who designs fine rugs. i had never heard of him, but find his work to be absolutely gorgeous. in the image below, i really like the tiny spots of orange, they are so beautifully balanced. not to mention, they look totally appealing for some good barefoot walking, laying around on the floor with a good book action. i hope you enjoy your monday and your week! i will be back with updates and news about the shop tomorrow.



  1. A big week for you, lady! Best of luck with it all.

  2. the muted purple with orange is so wonderful.