09 June 2009


it has been rainy and gray in minneapolis the last few days. i have been enjoying it, honestly (i prefer it to ninety-five degrees and 100% humidity). the sea of chairs sitting on nicollet mall outside the local are gorgeous, and i enjoy passing them each day on my way home from the gym. today they were totally empty.
i have barely been keeping up these days, there is a lot going on here! the house really is magical (i took some pictures tonight and will post them as soon as i can gather the energy), with enough space in my second-floor bedroom to work and sleep. i am sleeping better, i am working more productively (already! it's only been a week!), and in the midst of my low-grade exhaustion, i am energized. i have a lot on my plate, and that's exactly how i like it.
there are some really exciting things in the works, and hopefully i will be able to share some news in the next week or so.
also, i would just like to say that i have really been enjoying decor8 lately. sometimes the layout is a little too busy for me, and i get overwhelmed by all the visual doo-dahs going on. but the content? the writing? delightful! the images? gorgeous! i'm a fan, especially after reading her post on bedside table options.


  1. love these chairs! so glad you found my little blog! happy tuesday!

  2. Oh, I need a dose of your 'tude, lady. The rain and cold are getting me down!

  3. How about showing us your sassy new haircut?

  4. Glad you like your new home! I love that your list for June has a 1.5 on it. I'll look forward to the Etsy offerings! We've had rain here, too, and I'm OK with it.

  5. Love that photograph. It's very casual and candid, yet artistic.


  6. Oh I ride by there on the bus to and from work everyday and those colorful chairs always make me so happy!