08 June 2009

happy effing monday!

as i write this late on sunday night, the thought of going back to work tomorrow does not give me the sinking feeling it normally does. i had a restful and productive weekend. i enjoyed my house, baked a thousand cookies, and slept in--finally! i test rode some wonderful bicycles, fell in love with one and fell off another (have you ever ridden a fixed gear bike? yikes! i don't know who would choose to do that! i have some nice big bruises on my right hip to remind me of my spill). i will likely post more bike details later as i am rather preoccupied. now, on to your pretty things (not conventionally pretty, but a little newsy).
i give you one guess as to where this amazing, slightly over-the-top (and rather poorly photographed) chandelier is:

um, did you guess my house? because that would be right. there are actually two, one in the dining room, one in the living room. they are kind of amazing. i will definitely post some comprehensive pictures of the magical house, but not until the boxes are gone and the art is on the walls. this will happen as soon as possible, so be patient (i'm talking to you kim lambright). but to give you a little taste, i give you the chandeliers. and part of our enormous kitchen:

oh, and i found my ring. it is possibly my favorite possession (i made it several years ago at a little jewelry making class), and i was sure i had lost it somehow in the moving process. i was quite ecstatic to find it the other night and haven't taken it off since. it occurs to me that this is a terribly dorky and possibly boring thing to post about, but i can't help it. that's how pleased i am to have it back. i hope your week is off to a good start this morning!


  1. i know what it's like to lose a ring! it's not boring at all--i love finding things i had given up for lost. and i DID guess your house--finally, some pictures! i'm already jealous of the kitchen. glad you had a great weekend. seen you soon!

  2. So glad you found that ring - I know the sinking feeling of losing a valued possession, and the elated feeling of being reunited with it.

    And I was just introduced to the concept of fixed gears last week. Lunacy, I tell ya.

  3. Stop teasing me. More pics of the house please and thank you.

  4. like the "posey" on the table! my color! yea for the ring!!

  5. Does my correct guess count if I'd already seen your house? And the ring thing - I've lost and found one too! Who knew it would be such a communally bonding event? Actually I lost another one somewhere in Minneapolis and never found it. It's been 38 years. I think it's really lost

  6. Love your house, the sneak peeks, anyway. Love your blog. Really. And, I love you!