05 June 2009

june to do list (this is kind of a long one, folks).

(photo found at sfgirlbybay. i want to organize my to do list and other workspace information on clipboards like this!)

yay! i love monthly goal meetup!
i had four goals in may. i sort of bombed on all of them. and i am not even kidding. i want to talk about may, though, because a LOT happened in may, just not what i had intended. and i need to start not exaggerating my failure with statements like that second one (i.e. i need to not be so hard on myself). one thing i need to work on in general is giving myself more credit. instead of looking back on my month and say, "i didn't get my four things done, i'm so lame", i need to say, "this is what i did, that i didn't anticipate coming up, but turned out to be really great!" and give myself credit for the things i do, whether they are directly related to work or not (i was inspired about this way by amanda at daily worth, who included personal time as something to prioritize in one of her posts this week). after all, if i am my business, i need to take care of me, and that means all of me.
so, i did some things that i always do, like blogging a lot, and commenting on blogs, which led to more blog friends! i blogged about how much i love daily worth, and that led to some great correspondence and new friends, and to me learning a little more about twitter! also, i made some baby party invitations and sent them out, i finished up letterpress class and made friends with my teacher, i got a cute little haircut. i also got to meet sally and jena.
also, i moved, which turned everything upside-down. it was kind of a long, drawn-out, exhausting process, and only now seems to be drawing to a close. but it will be good! we have a lovely new house, and once we are totally settled and i have a good nap, all will be good. it's a magical house, i can feel it.

okay, so to recap, my may goals were:
1. make things. i made a few things, but not as many as i wanted to.
2. photograph the things i have made. this didn't happen, since it was dependent on #1.
3. really, seriously, get a file box (the paperwork is overflowing, folks). i looked at file cabinets, but they were kind of expensive! i think i can find one cheaper than $50, so i am going to keep my eyes out for one. also, considering my new living situation, my filing needs may have changed. so i will figure that one out. HOLD ON!! as of 7:30pm tonight, friday, june 5, i am the proud owner of a great little beige file cabinet, which i snagged for $10. amy and i went to look at a couch from craigslist and the file cabinet was just there. talk about synchronicity!
4. write up my application for the eileen fisher grant. this was the biggest bomb. i wrote it, i edited it, i had it all ready. and then i moved to a house with no internet and couldn't access the website until the evening of june 1, the due date. and i was too late! they were due at noon. so i just plain old didn't plan ahead. and it's okay. i'm pretty sure it would have been a loooong shot anyway. but i am going to keep looking for grants and other opportunities.
5. look for a new, part time job. i did this! i got my resume all spiffed up and sent it off, but now i am just waiting to hear. and looking for new jobs to apply for.

and looking forward. . . june goals:
1. finish making things! i have some specific inventory goals on my list: thank yous, camping cards, sample stationery sets. i also have an order for wedding invitations, and a set of baby announcements that need to get finished.
1.5 take photos and get etsy site ready to launch (i am aiming for july 1! eeek!)
2. order paper and envelopes!
3. buy screenprinting supplies!
4. apply for more jobs.
5. write class proposals for community ed classes.
6. start contacting bloggers and websites about advertising and possible give-away items (things i want to give away).
7. get some 120 film for my diana f and start taking photos!

i'm sure there are more, but that is a good list to start with. i like loose guidelines and jumping off points (mmmm, docks! summer! vacation! will i ever get one?)


  1. this is awesome. what is a diana f camera? i want to use the clipboard idea in my classroom! help me with twitter! can't wait to see you. and your new place.

  2. The clipboards are a great idea - easy to get and perfect for my visual kind of mind. Thanks for the inspiration! And I love your stalker themed sidebar... exactly how I feel when I'm cruising my Google Reader. Good luck with your goals!

  3. love that clipboard inspiration board :) i think you have done very well, i was similar in may, looked outside of my 'goals' to see what i had accomplished. well done to you! i wish you luck this month, i'm sure you can get your shop open for next month, just think positive!

  4. I love your statement, "if i am my business, i need to take care of me". So true! I also love that you got a cute hair cut. I agree that changing your perspective to focus on accomplishments not failures is vital. A positive and realistic attitude makes a big difference when we get overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done. Good luck with your June goals!

  5. I am same, did a lot of other things that weren't on my initial list, and then surprise, surprise, gave myself some credit for those things. You have a great list for June, so here's to all and everyone getting the word out on their work, and having more cross offs for June.

    OH, and don't know where you are living, but Craigs List is a great place to find used but still nice office furniture, tho I know some areas of the country are more active then others with the Craigs list thing.

  6. i carefully read and offered my suggestions on that fisher grant for NOTHING? you should send me cupcakes. and a bike lock. i need a bike lock.

  7. Glad we're all in this together...and by together, I mean walking out our own journeys but encouraging each other along the way. Let's throw away our throw away months and move on, hey? Best of luck in June!

  8. Yes red velvet ice cream! Doesn't that sound heavenly? Man I wish my birthday will get here already.

    I really like your goals and congrats on the new home! I'm very intrigued to see your new products.

    PS - nice to meet you!

  9. Go, Minneapolitans (ick--now we've both used that word)! I love what you said about learning to give yourself more credit, and taking care of you. That's something I've been trying to work on lately too.

    Am also really loving your blog--glad you stopped by mine and "introduced" yourself! Looking forward to the opening of your Etsy shop. Best of luck to you on all your June goals!

  10. I too like the clipboards and use them myself. Thanks for the welcome!

  11. Making things is always at the top of my list , too bad marketing has to be up their too!

  12. great list & i really like your blog also! good luck for june - i'm looking forward to checking out what everyone has accomplished! its so inspiring to see the progress!

  13. Great list, making things should be at the top of my list but sometimes I take it for granted that I should always be doing that! Good luck this month and look forward to reading your blog!

  14. WOW WOW WOW, so glad to have found your blog through Monthly Goal Meetup! Good luck for this month, can't wait to see how you get on!

    Glitterysah x

  15. Just popping by from the Modish goals list. Good luck with June. And yeah, give yourself that credit!