06 July 2009

july to do's.

(two totally unrelated photos from my weekend at the lake: fireworks and baby-cousin graham, 4, who allowed me to photograph him and his glow sticks until he informed me: "i have the hiccups, i can't take anymore pictures" and then ran away.)

how is it that june was another "what just happened to me?" month??? for reference, my june goals are here, although i didn't really do them. i was pretty productive, though. here's one for all my monthly meet-up friends, and what happened in june:
1. i finally got a file cabinet! i also got some clipboards like the one in my june to do list post and i am excited to hang them up.
2. came up with a pricing structure for screenprinted wedding invites (EDIT: i am so not offering screen printed invitations at this point. but i think the pricing structure will apply to what i do want to offer, so that is good).
3. made a set of wedding invitations, for my cousin's wedding, which will be great examples to add to my inventory/example of custom work. this is the reason i am not offering the screen printed invitations. they did NOT go as planned and took way longer to make that i thought, and the whole big long story ended in me buying a laser printer (and loving it!), which sends my work offerings in another direction, one i feel more confident about it. all that to say, the vision has changed slightly once again, and with this change, i feel more confident about offering products i feel good about. anyway, the invitations are done, and ready to go to the bride.
4. look for part-time jobs: i did this! i sent out a bunch of resumes to different places, and have a few more to send out in july. i had an interview just this morning that went as well as i could possibly have hoped, although that doesn't mean i will get the job. and just this afternoon: i put in my two weeks' notice at my job!!!!! i seriously could not be happier (although i am getting sick from all the stress lately). i feel so great about this decision, and confident that everything will work out, one way or another.
5. write lesson plans for community ed classes. hmmm. didn't do this one, but it's going on the list for july.

here is what is on the list for july (as a side note, erin had a really great post about to do lists over on the bakery blog, for anyone interested. she shares some good tips i am going to start using):
1. develop product line, make, photograph and post online (hmmmm, is that too big of an item? i'll break it down). i am excited about this one.
2. decide on an opening date for my shop (which i like to refer to as "the business").
3. take some photos with my new diana! (i did get the film.)
4. nail down a part-time job.
5. contact bloggers/set up some advertising/sponsorship stuff.
6. write lesson plans/proposals for community ed classes.
7. oh, and this should maybe have been #1, but i now need to organize all the stuff in the file cabinet. somehow, my room is still overflowing with paperwork from the move, and it needs to have a home.

good luck to all of you with a to do list!


  1. great job in june, and great july list! i'm so glad you listed what actually happened in june, because not doing everything we planned doesn't mean we didn't do something valuable. if we could see the end from the beginning, we would make to-do lists to match, and then wouldn't we look great?

    and i love you, and i was hoping for cabin pictures. thanks.

  2. Great list, Laura! I'm awful at lists. SO. BAD. OK - don't 4-yr-olds say the funniest things!? And I think your photos are fantastic. Love them.

  3. ps - congrats on giving notice!

  4. Congrats on your list! Sounds very exciting and doable. And woo hoo for giving notice! Doesn't it feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders? I'm interested in knowing what kind of printer you purchased? Always looking for an upgrade. Keep up the great work!


  5. You're on your way, lady! Glad you gave notice. You're making room for the good stuff to flow in. You know what they say about nature and a vacuum ...

  6. my to do list for the week has me in a panic. I would love a filing cabinet too:)

  7. Wow, great list! That's such an awesome step leaving from 1 job to a new adventure! Good luck with July's goals - can't wait to see the progress!

  8. how long have you had diana? my friend lindsay has the same camera and adores it. i'm thinking of buying.

  9. Thanks for the Bakery blog link. I remember reading that blog awhile ago, but it's not in my Reader. I've missed it!

    I'm glad you worked out digital printing in place of screen printing and are happy with the results. Always good when things feel right.

    Good luck with July and your new job!

  10. Wow, you did have a productive June! Good for you and I hope July is good for you.

  11. laura, your list looks great! i have seen lots of soul-searching happening here of late, i think it's great that you're doing well with following your heart. can't wait to see some diana shots!

  12. Great job in June. Best wishes on your goal for July. You just reminded me that I need to get a file cabinet.

  13. Sounds like you had a great June--wahoo for quittin' your day job! *jealous* Ahem. Best of luck for July!

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  15. Hi Laura,
    Great To Do list. I can feel the enthusiasm in your words. I hope you enjoy your part time job and may it be fodder for the creative fire.
    Thanks for your comment too.
    Good Luck!
    I deleted thelast comment, which was actually this one, because my fingers didn't keep up with my brain. I left lots of words out! :)

  16. Awesome June for you... congrats on giving notice (the stress WILL even out). Love hearing about how your vision changed for the wedding invites and how you went to Plan B. SO inspiring!